Visual monument for the tropeiros


Visual monument designed in 2007 for the city of Vazante in the northwestern Brazilian state of Minas Gerais. The monument makes reference to the route of the famous “carros de boi”, a kind of wooden carts pulled by oxen was crossing the interior of Brazil taking various types of cargo (gold, food, salt and others) since the seventeenth century until the beginning of last century. The city was the last frontier to the west of this trade route and therefore also the beginning of the great journey of the central plateau region towards the shoreline in search of artifacts and manufactures. The tensile structure in his steel cables over of the monument was designed to provide cover from the stage (of reinforced concrete slab supported on a shaft on two wheels) in vehicle design similar to the season and also marks the starting point of the annual popular festival held in the central avenue of the city of Vazante. The east sea wind blowing in the wild west…


vazante city hall – minas gerais – brazil