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Parque da Matinha was founded by a Municipal Law (1.488/79.O) on 06/13/1979 while Silas Brasileiro was the mayor. He could foresee the area as a park for the Matinha community (a needy neighborhood in the city). It was only then that any interventions of this kind were made in the area: a gym and a small public health center were built inside the park for the entertainment of its visitors as well as a paved pathway that takes the visitors from the park's entrance located on Dr. Vicente Soares Street to a small artificially-built lake filled by a spring located in the middle of the park.
The park has since then been abandoned.


To preserve, to reforest and to revitalize the park area through the new proposed uses;
To make a common space with enough infrastructure for the practice of sports, leisure and cultural activities viable for the community as a whole (all this, through partnerships and by respecting the environment, so that the park becomes, in a near future, an Autonomous Foundation able to manage its own destiny);
To transform the park into a propagator of educational, cultural and environmental preservation of the city – buildings with this purpose, such as six classrooms for ecological learning (from elementary to high school) will be built as well as a unity of environmental preservation that will join professionals involved in the matter, such as biologists, vets and the forest police;
In the cultural area, which is directly linked to education and citizenship formation, there will be a building of multiple uses for multimedia terminals, a movie theater as well as a space for theatrical and musical performances.

Nossa Senhora da Lapa Square - 2007 - Vazante - Minas Gerais - Brazil

Nossa Senhora da Lapa Square - 2007 - Vazante - Minas Gerais - Brazil


patrocinio city hall and vazante city hall – minas gerais – brazil